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9th grade immunizations


For all students entering 7th grade , the following immunizations are required (in addition to current requirements):

  • 1 Tdap
  • 1 Meningococcal

Please review your student’s immunization status with your physician to ensure that your student meets these requirements. Mail, fax or bring a copy of your student's immunizations to the Nurse.

Central District Health provides immunizations. To make an appointment and inquire about fees and payment options call 208-327-7450.


Completing a Health Enrollment Form each year gives the nurse updated health information about your student and allows him or her to take the indicated over the counter medications at school.

You may mail completed physicals, Health Enrollment forms and immunization updates to Nurse Laura Baldwin, R.N. You may mail, fax, or bring them on your student’s Registration Day. To contact Nurse Baldwin, please call the main line at 208-854-5120 or email her at

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