Students are expected to attend school every day unless they are ill or have parental permission to be gone.


  • If your student is ill and will miss school, please call our attendance line 854-5124.

  • If your student will be gone for a reason other than illness please notify the school prior to the absence.If this is not possible, please call our attendance line, 854-5124, to excuse your student’s absence.

  • Absences need to be excused within forty-eight (48) hours. If not, the absence will become a truancy.‚Äč

  • If a student incurs more than nine (9) absences in a class during the semester, a loss of credit may occur.


  • Students are considered tardy if they are not in their designated classroom when the tardy bell rings. Unlike absences, tardies cannot be excused by parents or guardians. In the case of a late district or city bus, tardies will not count against a student's record.
  • When a student incurs their fourth, fifth and sixth tardies, parents or guardians will be notified. Upon incurring their sixth tardy, the Assistant Principal will assign Ram School to the student. A seventh tardy will result in a loss of credit in that class.

 Permits to Leave:

  • If your student needs to leave campus during the school day, they must obtain a “Permit to Leave” from the main office. You may secure a “PTL” by calling the office, sending a note, or coming into the office in person.

  • Students will not be able to leave with a person not listed on their student account. Parents must give explicit permission in order for a student to leave with a person not on their account.

  • Please give the office as much notice as possible.The “PTL’s” must be delivered to the classrooms. The main office can be a busy place and it is not always possible to “drop everything” and run to get a student from class in order to leave immediately.

Arriving Back to School:

  • When a student arrives at school from an appointment, they must sign in at the office.They will be given an admit slip for the current class.

  • If students arrive during a break in classes, they must sign in at the main office. This is for their safety and protection. This allows the office to track the student and keep an accurate record of their presence on campus.

  • Most doctors, dentist and orthodontist offices will provide an excuse slip. Please send these with your student to give to the office.These are medical excuses. If your student gets into attendance trouble these will be taken into account and could make the difference on whether they get credit for a class or not.